About Us

Who We Are

The Apothecary of Morden Inc. is an independent drug store with a focus on wellness, while treating illness to help you improve your quality of life. Located in Morden Manitoba, the Apothecary of Morden strives to provide meaningful experiences and supportive products to maximize your health and quality of life. Open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM to serve Morden and the surrounding area. 

Core Values

The core values of the Apothecary of Morden revolve around the relationship and education between staff and patient that are both meaningful and beneficial to heath and wellness. The Apothecary’s goal is to advise patients based on current peer-reviewed research and guidelines, as well as working with other healthcare providers to enhance care. The Apothecary of Morden emphasize disease prevention and lifestyle change as keys to wellness and provides multi-disciplinary approaches to health.

The Team

Dr. Lisa Zaretzky

Doctor of Pharmacy

Dr. Victoria Baldwin N.D.

naturopathic medicine

Iryna Lystysna

assistant Pharmacist

Lori Eides

pharmacy assistant

Matthew Shewchuk


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