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Gluten in Meds?

Most prescription medications do NOT contain gluten from wheat, barley or rye; but if they do then it’s likely not more than 0.5 mg/dose – less than what is considered “gluten-free” in food. Product labels are unlikely to disclose gluten content but even if you have celiac disease, the amount of gluten in tablets is

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Z-Drugs Warning

You may have already heard of the unusual sleep behaviours being reported with the use of Ambien, and not thought anything about it. “Ambien” is the US trade name for one of the two Z-drugs: zolpidem (Sublinox in Canada); the other being zopiclone (Imovane in Canada). Both of these drugs can cause you to DO

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All for One & One for ALL

A single payer for drugs….for ALL Canadians?? It’s looking possible, maybe even probable. So let’s get ready for it! The following is one of the recommendations from the final “National Pharmacare Report” (Item #15). This one is particularly important to me – and I hope – to some of you. The council recommends federal, provincial

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