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The sexual side of antidepressants

Anti-depressant medications can cause some sexual side effects like decreased sexual desire, orgasm problems, and erectile dysfunction. If you experience any of these symptoms, feel comfortable to talk to your pharmacist because we are here to help you out. Do not stop taking your antidepressants altogether or do not try strategies like skipping the antidepressant

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Avoid the decline…

Brain health and heart health go hand in hand, so nourish both to keep on ticking and to keep on a thinking. It’s kind of a boring list BUT all things you can do from home and DON’T have to buy online or curbside. I’ll try to jazz it up for you: Shake your booty

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Cannabis & Psychiatric Side Effects

It’s so easy to buy cannabis products now, but should you use them? There is mounting evidence that psychiatric side effects are a greater concern for edible and high-potency cannabis products. Some forms and doses of cannabis pose greater risks, and should be avoided altogether. Reports suggest that over 40% of recreational cannabis users consume edible

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Due Diligence

Last week I was asked what’s the “best” deal I could give someone on 6 months of medication. Well if this was birdseed or cell phone minutes I wouldn’t mind bartering, but when it comes to healthcare I think the “due diligence” should be WHO do you trust to advise you. Who do you trust

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