Apothecary Mind

All for One & One for ALL

A single payer for drugs….for ALL Canadians?? It’s looking possible, maybe even probable. So let’s get ready for it! The following is one of the recommendations from the final “National Pharmacare Report” (Item #15). This one is particularly important to me – and I hope – to some of you. The council recommends federal, provincial

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Keto Brain Freeze

We had a seminar here at the end of March on nutrition, and compared a couple of methods to approach a ketogenic diet. Some feedback from the evening was that “we want MORE” information. Well the event was FREE so we can’t give it ALL away. But I will explain a bit more here… A

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Neti Pot Safety

Are neti pots safe? Neti pots have been linked to fatal amoebic infections when used with contaminated tap water. Not a good idea to use tap water – even if you have a home filtration system or a Brita filter! Waterborne amoeba can enter nasal passages and travel to the nervous system – where nasty

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A local healthcare professional commented lately about my new focus of owning your health. They said that it sounded like I was “disenchanted with the healthcare system”. Hmmm, I never really thought of it that way. When I received my Doctor of Pharmacy training, I learned many things. Two in particular, have greatly affected me.

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