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Don’t be a statistic

Diabetes and pre-diabetes affects 11 million Canadians – that’s about 1 in 3 Canadians. According to the Diabetes Canada website, every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with diabetes. This is a serious epidemic. Medications are a part of controlling diabetes (aka. sugar in your blood) but it is NOT a cure. Maintaining a healthy weight

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DNA & Depression

Are you looking for magic? Have you tried antidepressants before and not had good results? If you want to know WHY please consider doing a DNA test with us to evaluate your personal enzymes that help metabolize drugs for depression. Perhaps you have under functioning or over functioning enzymes?? This one time test will help

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Own Your Health

Medicine is cultural and time sensitive – look how it has changed over the millenniums. So called, “gold standard” treatments have evolved through the ages and even over the last 20 years. Modern technology and science has only temporarily shadowed traditional therapies. With the renewed interest in our grandmother’s remedies and our global access to

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Face to Face

In the winter of 1983 I was a girl of 18, participating in The Pas Manitoba’s “Fur Queen” contest. I realize this is shocking and totally out of character for the Lisa that I am today, but back in the 80’s it was an excellent way to get involved in the new community that I

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