DNA & Depression

Are you looking for magic? Have you tried antidepressants before and not had good results? If you want to know WHY please consider doing a DNA test with us to evaluate your personal enzymes that help metabolize drugs for depression. Perhaps you have under functioning or over functioning enzymes?? This one time test will help design personal medication treatments that have a better chance of success and a lesser chance of unwanted side effects. Please call Dr. Lisa if you would like to make an appointment for this test: 204.822.5222.

If you want to try something natural, there is plenty of evidence that suggests magnesium can help with anxiety and depression. Magnesium is necessary for many functions in the body:, especially in the muscles, heart and in the brain. It’s easy to take: mixed in a warm or cool drink or in various tablet or capsule strengths. SAMe is also well studied to aid in improving mood (and pain from osteoarthritis). We have both in our Apothecary, so please stop by if you have questions, or email: