Don’t be a statistic

Diabetes and pre-diabetes affects 11 million Canadians – that’s about 1 in 3 Canadians. According to the Diabetes Canada website, every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with diabetes. This is a serious epidemic. Medications are a part of controlling diabetes (aka. sugar in your blood) but it is NOT a cure. Maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle is a REAL prevention for type 2 diabetes but it can also be a CURE for some people. If you have diabetes and are taking 6 or even 8 medications per day….imagine taking NONE?? Yes, it is possible. HOW? Changing WHAT you eat can make REAL difference to your life. Many health practitioners already know this. Some have even experimented on themselves to see if and how it works – changing how they eat. The results are positively remarkable and significant. If you want to be WELL and not just stay out of the hospital, make an appointment with Dr. Lisa to discuss making a decision and a plan that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.