Face to Face

In the winter of 1983 I was a girl of 18, participating in The Pas Manitoba’s “Fur Queen” contest. I realize this is shocking and totally out of character for the Lisa that I am today, but back in the 80’s it was an excellent way to get involved in the new community that I moved into. On the big night, all the pageant contestants were presented with impromptu questions. In 1983, personal computers were just coming to market so technology was a hot topic. I was asked how I saw this evolving technology fitting into business and daily living. I’ve always been a hands-on, touchy feel-y person, so my response was that nothing could and would ever replace face to face experiences.

Thirty-four years later, I have continued to embrace the online world, especially social media venues to showcase the Apothecary’s services and products. It’s been quite exciting seeing the “world-wide” response. I just haven’t figured out how that will make us some “Kevin O’Leary” money! But Amazon has… Amazon has threatened to become a competitor of prescription products – first in the US then later here. Patient experiences cannot be ordered online and are the core of effective health care.

Connecting with a patient and understanding their needs is like a beautiful dance…a journey towards better health. But like anyone on the dance floor, occasionally we step on toes. Nobody ever wants to say the wrong thing or make a mistake, but it does happen. AND it’s almost always because we are not being fully present in the moment. And what a moment it can be! Just like eating fine Belgian chocolate; you smell the tantalizing cocoa; you hear the quality “snap” as you bite in. Your mouth is then suspended in a creamy awe, then you eventually swallow with a sigh, as the sweetness briefly lingers. Does life get any better?

Patient experiences can be that great! Each patient visit should be as joyful as if it was THE FIRST and as passionate as if it was the LAST. I have made it my mission: “to provide meaningful experiences and supportive products to maximize health and quality of life.”

While we are at our current location or at our new one, I will continue with my motto:

“It’s not just about the drugs….it IS about LIFE!”