Podiatry Clinic

Hello good people of Morden!

My name is Dr. Gillian Aldous, I am a British trained podiatrist who emigrated from the UK to Brandon, Manitoba in 2008.

Podiatry in Morden, Manitoba with Dr. Gillian Aldous.

I went back to University to study for the three year podiatry degree from 2004 to 2007. Previously, I had gained qualifications in sciences, and have both a Business and Engineering degree. I had worked in the leather industry, and you would be surprised the amount of scientific testing that is carried out to make sure that the leather upholstery in your vehicle stays looking well. I have also worked in the footwear industry, which involved working with quality control personnel in the footwear factories in China. (This was in 2003).

Did you know that most of the podiatrists in Manitoba are British born, and most, including the Canadians, received their training in Britain. I’m very excited to introduce my health services to the community of Morden.

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October 21st 

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