Massage Chair

Massage Chair

By EZee Life

Want to have access to a full body massage whenever you want?

Want to relax like you’re in zero-G?

Would you like some heat with your massage? Music?

Would you like to control all of these features from a smartphone or tablet?

Do you want all this wrapped up in a very comfortable recliner?   


If you said “yes” to any of the above question, then the Apothecary of Morden, along with EZee Life™ would like to introduce you to the CH4000 Massage Chair. 

The CH4000 is a full body massage chair designed with a smart 4D soft massage  process that uses rollers mounted on a four dimensional curved railthat realizes individual body curves and adjusts to provide the ultimate massage experience.

Benefits of the CH4000

  • Fatigue recovery and vigour regulation.
  • Relax your mood and shape the body.
  • Ease up muscles and relax the skin.
  • Stretch the muscles and bones.
  • Ease body aches and open the meridians and collaterals.


  • Multi-angle massage from neck to thighs.
  • Full body heat therapy.
  • 4D roller massage technology.
  • Heated rollers for deep penetration and soothing.
  • Air pulse secondary massage system.
  • Adjustable length footrest.
  • Space-save design allows close proximity to walls.
  • Massage automatically adjusts to music from MP3 player.

The CH4000 uses Intelligent Body Detecting System (IBDS) to detect the accurate range of your neck, shoulders, back, waist, legs and buttock.  This provides a more accurate and deep massage and will adjust the massage points for users with different height.


4D Massage: Where conventional 3D massages chairs move up and down, left and right, and in and out, 4D massage technology adds a new level with the ultra long curved rail the detects individual body shape and adjusts for the maximum massage experience.

Full body air bag massage system.
Enjoy heat with your massage.

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