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Skincare Analysis

What is your skin age?

Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ? it’s also the first line of defense against external factors, such as bacteria and disease.  The Apothecary of Morden knows the importance of having healthy skin, and now offers the service of skin health analysis.

The skin health analysis system takes a quick, high resolution picture of your skin and measures factors like:

  • Sebum (Oil content)
  • Pigment (Melanin/sun damage)
  • Collagen (Fibres – connective tissue)
  • Elasticity (Firmness of skin)
  • Moisture (Water content)

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a customized regimen of lifestyle and product recommendations that will revitalize your skin and bring back its natural balance and radiance.

To book a 30 minute analysis session, click here, or call 204-822-5222.  To learn more about the Chorus Supernatural line of products, visit their website here.

Chorus Supernatural

All natural skincare from the moors of british columbia

Chorus Supernatural is a luxurious line of natural skin-care, body-care and wellness products. Chorus Supernatural believes that using natural health products will bring out the inner beauty in each one of us. Our products are designed to be suitable for people of all ages. Chorus Supernatural sources only natural ingredients, many of which are found locally by Chorus in beautiful British Columbia.