Travel Consultations

Travel Consultations

By Dr. Lisa Zaretzky, BScPharm, PharmD

Certificate in Travel Health™

  • Are you planning a vacation to a foreign country and you’re not sure if you should get vaccinated?
  • If so, which ones do you need?
  • What other health concerns should you be aware of while travelling?
  • Are you travelling with young children?​If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, or have other questions about health and travel, then you may want to book a travel consultation with Dr. Lisa.

A travel consultation with Dr. Lisa will provide the following:

  1. Give you confidence by using the most trusted sources of travel health information.
  2. Give you the most relevant and up-to-date information on immunizations that are recommended in your destination(s).
  3. Provide you with the current health risks that are NOT vaccine preventable.
  4. Discuss and educate about food and water safety conditions at your destination(s).
  5. Help you prepare for the specific climate for your destination(s).
  6. Access your Manitoba Health immunization record to establish if any local vaccinations are still needed/recommended.

Call 204-822-5222 to make an appointment.