A Calming Room

WHAT IS IT? A quiet, soothing place designed to encourage relaxation and thoughtful de-stressing. It is a place to recharge and prevent stressors from getting to you. It’s a “time-out” room for adults.

WHAT DOES IT DO? A calming room works by letting your senses fully absorb a quiet space with soothing sounds and ambient lighting to create a sense of peace, with textures and comfortable seating to help your body relax and feel safe.

WHO IS IT FOR? Everyone. Whether you feel anxious a lot of the time or just want to be quiet for a while at the end of your week, the Calming Room is your space to get away without leaving town.

WHAT DOES IT TREAT? In some ways, the Calming Room’s therapeutic effects are attained proactively by conditioning the body’s response to stress. It can also be used after a crisis has passed, to help you return to equilibrium.

WHERE CAN I RELAX IN ONE? This fall, I will have one ready for use at my Apothecary.

“It’s not just about drugs…it’s about LIFE”

Writing credit: Jesse Harms