All for One & One for ALL

A single payer for drugs….for ALL Canadians?? It’s looking possible, maybe even probable. So let’s get ready for it!

The following is one of the recommendations from the final “National Pharmacare Report” (Item #15). This one is particularly important to me – and I hope – to some of you.

  • The council recommends federal, provincial and territorial governments collaborate to create a new arms-length Canadian drug agency to oversee national pharmacare. The new agency should have the following functions:
    • Assessing the clinical effectiveness of drugs compared to other treatment options;
    • Assessing the cost-effectiveness of drugs compared to other treatment options;
    • Deciding which drugs and related products (such as devices and supplies) should be on the national formulary;
    • Negotiating prices and supply arrangements with manufacturers;
    • Providing advice to prescribers, pharmacists and patients on how best to use drugs; and
    • Monitoring the safety and effectiveness of drugs in real-world use.

As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I fully support and understand the necessity of these important steps. Assessing effectiveness and patient safety IS part of my everyday practice – focusing on the best possible outcomes for the patients that I see. If you have a chronic medical condition OR if you chronically strive for wellness, make an appointment to see me to discuss YOUR needs for today and for the future. These 15 minutes appointments are complimentary and an important first step towards discovering patient-centred care at the Apothecary.

It’s not just about the drugs….it’s about LIFE!