Avoid the decline…

Brain health and heart health go hand in hand, so nourish both to keep on ticking and to keep on a thinking.

It’s kind of a boring list BUT all things you can do from home and DON’T have to buy online or curbside. I’ll try to jazz it up for you:

  1. Shake your booty (even sex counts as physical activity and dancing certainly does).
  2. Quit inhaling that sh*t.
  3. Pretend you are in Greece and join Shirley V. on the beach for some fish and a Greek salad.
  4. Don’t stop talking….on the phone or online. Try on some new words for size; like aliquot or snuffleupagous; or make some new ones up – lol.
  5. Stay calm. A daily glass of wine IS medicinal.
  6. Have some vigorous sex, then sleep well – both will do you copious good.
  7. Protect your noggin…it doesn’t bounce back well.

Go forth and be a brainiac…it’s not just about drugs; it’s about LIFE!