Neti Pot Safety

Are neti pots safe?

Neti pots have been linked to fatal amoebic infections when used with contaminated tap water. Not a good idea to use tap water – even if you have a home filtration system or a Brita filter! Waterborne amoeba can enter nasal passages and travel to the nervous system – where nasty things can happen.

Although amoebic infections from nasal irrigation are extremely rare, mold can easily grow in improperly washed neti pots or saline rinse bottles.

Only use water labelled “distilled” or “sterile” or make your own distilled water from tap water that’s been boiled for 3 to 5 minutes and then cooled. The saline rinse packets that come with some kits won’t sterilize water.

Clean your device after each use with soap and distilled, or sterilized water. Let your neti pot or rinse bottle completely air dry before storing away. Just like you wouldn’t share a dirty tissue with someone, do not to share your nasal device, and replace them about every few months after regular use.

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