Safe Travels

Travelling safely is more than just booking your trip at a deep discount and packing the sunscreen. We all crave for the hot sun during our very long winter wonderland BUT our four seasons do protect us from a lot – like: Zika Virus, dengue fever, typhoid fever, and hepatitis A to name a few. Have you heard about these lovelies: cutaneous larva migrans, ciguatara fish poisoning, or leptospirosis? All of these illnesses are present in Cuba, along with West Nile Virus, rabies, and the all popular… Traveler’s Diarrhea. Knowing these health risks ALMOST makes you want to save your travel dollars for a hot tub! But, if you ARE destined for Cuba or any other hot spot, you SHOULD plan ahead….6 weeks is ideal.

As a Certified Travel Health Practitioner, I can assist you with your plans to weigh the known health and safety risks of travel against the need to go south. Nothing spoils a memorable trip more than making another trip to the ER. Why risk it?

I know you’re thinking it WON’T happen to me, but believe me it does happen! Pet a friendly dog – get bitten – get rabies. Walk bare feet around a picturesque lake near a farm – get leptospirosis. Forget your bug spray – get West Nile. Eat the yummy snapper at the beach front bar – get ciguatara. It ALL can happen to someone who is not prepared.

Book – Prepare – Enjoy!