Z-Drugs Warning

You may have already heard of the unusual sleep behaviours being reported with the use of Ambien, and not thought anything about it. “Ambien” is the US trade name for one of the two Z-drugs: zolpidem (Sublinox in Canada); the other being zopiclone (Imovane in Canada). Both of these drugs can cause you to DO things in your sleep state, like cooking, eating, and even driving – without remembering! Of course this is quite serious, and there are even injuries and deaths due to accidents.

Taking a Z-drug just now and then is STILL a risk for these unusual sleep behaviours, so finding out other was to help with sleep may be the BEST possible – and safest – option. But if you continue to use a Z-drug, please wait at least 12 hours before driving after taking zopiclone and at least 8 hours after taking zolpidem.

If you would like to discuss and plan for better sleep hygiene, please call for an appointment with Dr. Lisa: 204.822.5222.