A local healthcare professional commented lately about my new focus of owning your health. They said that it sounded like I was “disenchanted with the healthcare system”. Hmmm, I never really thought of it that way.

When I received my Doctor of Pharmacy training, I learned many things. Two in particular, have greatly affected me.

Firstly, learning about drugs at a deeper level and how they affect our functions, even at the cellular level. This has given me a great respect for the power of medicine. It has also made me much more cautious to recommend or support the use of drugs if there is any significant risk to the patient that could – and should – be preventable. The second amazing thing I learned through my international experience is that each and every genre of health care, illness care, or supportive care impacts the patient experience and the outcome of therapy. For me, that translates into being more accepting and respectful of other healthcare professionals that can join the health and wellness “team” to assist patients in maximizing wellness, minimizing illness, and reducing the overburden on our publicly funded health/illness care system.

In my new location, I will have several healthcare practitioners that are currently not available in Morden: a private practice Registered Dietitian and Certified Functional Nutrition Coach; a Naturopathic Doctor; and an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Each professional will have clinic hours to assist patients in their goal to wellness.

In my own profession, I have incorporated appointment based services for patients to come to discuss their chronic conditions and wellness goals. I will also have flotation therapy for patients with chronic pain or for stress reduction and relaxation. I will continue to have the therapeutic massage chair onsite to use or to purchase for home use.

I would not agree that I have become disenchanted with our healthcare system, just more acceptance that it is not the best mechanism to improve health – rather it IS essential for critical care and disease care. Most of us don’t just want to be less sick, we want to be all that we can be! I believe that the first step on that journey is to “own your health”.